Monday, 26 September 2016

The BBC distance themselves from dog trainer Jordan Shelley

Last night’s episode of The One Show included some furious back-peddling by the BBC.  The show featured a short film of dog trainer Jordan Shelley in his garden,  the views of a representative of the Dog’s Trust and of vet Joe Inglis,  and a ‘damage limitation’ statement by an uncomfortable  Matt Baker who said of Mr Shelley

“To be fair we should have actually described him as someone we were following on the show,  rather than as The One Show dog trainer as such”

What a traumatic week it has been for Jordan Shelley,  who in some ways is also a victim of the BBC’s failure to research their subject before offering dog training instruction to the general public.  The footage of Mr Shelley was a slightly irrelevant clip of him introducing a Staffordshire bull terrier to dog compound in order to overcome her aggression towards other dogs and finished with him stating the he “will never stop learning”.        

A representative of the Dog’s Trust explained why modern counter-conditioning techniques are more appropriate than the methods demonstrated by Jordan Shelley on the controversial show last week,  and the coverage of the issue concluded with a supporting explanation and advice from Joe Inglis.

You can view the clip here:  it starts ten  minutes and 22 seconds into the programme. You can read an example of how to treat resource guarding in an appropriate way  on the Labrador Site.


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